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8 Boutique Hotels and B&Bs in France

The most beautiful and romantic boutique hotels, cabins and bed & breakfasts to stay in France. Slow travel at its best.

Le Barn Hotel

Enjoy a romantic weekend away at the beautiful countryside hotel Le Barn in the Rambouillet forest, only 45 minutes from Paris. The hotel is the work of Parisian design studio Be-poles and the attention to detail is everywhere. Expect a mix of a French country house and Paris chic hotel. Be prepared for a dreamy country retreat.

Lacanau Lodge

Slow travel at Lacanau Lodge with cabins on the shores of Lake Lacanau, 40 minutes from Bordeaux. A revitalizing place with an incredible view of the lake. Get your canoe or paddle out and slow down.

Le Pigalle Paris

Typically Parisian, radically different. You can meet up for a drink, a night (out), or a coffee. That is Le Pigalle Hotel. L'amour toujours.

Maison Ceronne

Countryside House & Restaurant. Maison Ceronne is located in the heart of national park Le Perche, in Basse-Normandie, 150 km from Paris. An escape for city dwellers who love the countryside. Second-hand dealers, artisans, small restaurants, museums, historic places and nature walks make the perch an essential place to recharge your batteries.

La Maison et L'Atelier Chantily

A guesthouse in a fine old French home with two stylist, minimalist guest rooms et L'Atelier, only 45 km from Paris. A joyful mix of style, art and nature. Get hooked.

La Fermett du Merle

New kid on the block and very promising. A charming old farmhouse with a large private garden in the Bourgogne. For two people, now available summer 2021. Bienvenue à la campagne.

L'Epicerie du Pape

A small romantic Bed and Breakfast with cabane, tipi and a swimming pool. About 100 km from Paris via Giverny and the listed village of Lyons la Forêt. This is the place to slow down.

D'une Ile

Country house and restaurant located in a 17th-century hamlet, situated amidst 8 acres of forest and fields. The residential area comprises 5 different buildings with 10 rooms and a small restaurant. Situated in the heart of national park Le Perche, in Basse-Normandie, 150 km from Paris.

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